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Pictured: Kevin

Kevin's not for sale (we're keeping him) but you can borrow him while you're in the store. He can answer just about any question you have on items in the "west wing".

Pictured: Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clock

Produced in limited edition series, the Atmos clock lives off air, literally. Inside an airtight capsule, a mixture of gases expands and contracts with every shift in temperature. 

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Pictured: "Weird rack" buck

Starting at $100

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OUR ELECTRONICS DEPARTMENT has a great selection of musical instruments and equipment--AND WE SHIP!!

wildlife trophies

Pictured: Yuengling Neon Sign

From the America’s oldest brewery to a local volleyball park (with the name spelled wrong), neon signs come in a wide variety of subjects, colors & sizes. 

OUR INVENTORY CHANGES DAILY! You never know what you'll find. Come in and explore our wide variety of merchandise!

Neon Signs

Pictured: Sportsman 10 point buck bowie knife

​Bowie, Filet, Folding, Hunting, Pen, Pocket, Rambo, Stilletto and more!

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